O. Guasch, F.X. Magrans, P.V. Rodriguez y G. Manacorda, An innovative approach for the noise reconstruction and analysis at the medium-high frequencies. Proceedings of Euro-Noise, Munich, Germany, October, Vol I, pp.503-509 (1998).

In the last 30 years the Inverse Problem Theory has been maninly developed by geophysicians trying to model the Earth's interior from data collected as the Earth's surface. As the Earth's interior is unaccessible, methods for extracting as much information as possible from the data had been carried out. These methods turned out to be really efficient and have been applied to many other fields of applied physics and mathematics, engineering and economy. A quite complete mathematic theory has been built for them.

In our study we used some of these methods to reconstruct the medium-high frequencies noise field in the cabin of the new Ferrari 456. Our purpose was to know in what ways each of the panels in the total interior surface contribute to the measured noise at different points in the cabin. The results we obtained are very hopeful and we think that will improve in the future as we will have more information and a priori data to manage. 


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