F.X. Magrans and O. Guasch, The role of the direct transfer function matrix as a connectivity matrix and application to the Helmholtz equation in 2D: relation to numerical methods and free field radiation example. Journal of Computational Acoustics 13 (2), pp. 341-363 (2005).

The Direct Transfer Function (DFT) matrix was developed in the framework of the Global Transfer Direct Transfer (GTDT) methodof transmission path analysis. This method aims at solving the problem of transmission path among subsystems from a general N-dimensional linear network, representing a vibro-acoustical model under study. The DTF matrix can be calculated from the Global Transfer Functions between subsystems paris. The DTFs allow to define transmission paths by relating the signals between two matrix as a connectivity matrix is first shown by solving the Helmhotz equation in a two-dimensional grid. The results are compared with those arising from the analysis of the stencils of various numerical methods. Some finite difference and finite element methods have been considered. The connectivity role of the DRF matrix is also elucidated by means of a free field radiation example. 

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