ICR activity is focused on three main areas: acoustic engineering services, R+D and training courses.

  • Acoustic engineering services: ICR offers acoustical solutions to noise and vibrations problems of its customers. This can be done either by solving the problems once they are detected, or what is better, by trying to prevent and avoid them at the product design stage. Every problem receives an individual attention and the best analysis options and proceeding alternatives are chosen for it. This includes the use of standard engineering methods or the use of ICR developed methods and analysis techniques. ICR services include acoustics studies, noise measurements, vibrations analysis, environmental impact studies, noise maps, acoustics software development, acoustic insulation studies, acoustic barrier design, noise and vibration path analysis, etc.
  • R+D: being able to give the best response to a problem always implies a big effort on Research and Development (R+D). ICR activities include the research and development of new predictive and noise and vibration measuring methods from an experimental, theoretical and computational point o view. As a result, ICR has transfered its methods to a two internacional corporations. At ICR, significant contributions have been made in the fields of noise and vibration transmission path analysis, Inverse Modeling methods applied to industrial acoustics, and Computational Aeroacoustics (CAA). In addition, we have developed software to implement some of these advances in spectrum analyzers. Specialized acoustics software has been also developed to compute transmission losses of multiple walls and the performance of complex geometry silencers.
  • Training courses: we assume that our success strongly depends on our customer’s capability to understand the type of studies we are offering. Only when a problem is understood in its full complexity it is possible to appreciate the extent of its solution. This is the reason why gives training acoustics and vibration courses to professional colleges of mechanical engineers and architects, to university masters and to private companies. The aim of these courses is to supply to any professional the degree of knowledge in acoustics and vibrations he desires.

ICR is an Acoustic Engineering resolving problems of noise and vibrations. ICR works for the railway, car, industry, construction and environmental sectors. The company researches (R+D) new methods to solve vibroacous-tic problems. ICR also designs software for quality control and transmis-sion loss and teaches acoustics to private companies and official colleges.
Ingenieria para el Control del Ruido – Barcelona.