ICR invited to speak at the NAG-DAGA International Conference on Acoustics


The manager of ICR, Francesc Magrans, as an expert in acoustics engineering, has been invited to speak at a conference as part of the congress that will take place next March.
The venue is in Rotterdam, Holland, where Mr. Magrans, one of the pioneering companies in acoustic engineering in the country and renowned among professionals because of its development of new methods and applications, will talk about the major breakthroughs in the field of Transmission Path Analysis of noise and vibration (TPA).
ICR has devoted great effort to Research & Development – for example, the TPA, which has enabled the company to become one of the most important acoustic engineering companies in Europe.
The NAG (Acoustical Society of the Netherlands) and the DAGA (German Acoustical Society) are organising this 35th edition together, where professionals from all over the world will talk about each one of the complex fields in vibro-acoustics. The congress, as every year, will also include a technical fair.

ICR is an Acoustic Engineering resolving problems of noise and vibrations. ICR works for the railway, car, industry, construction and environmental sectors. The company researches (R+D) new methods to solve vibroacous-tic problems. ICR also designs software for quality control and transmis-sion loss and teaches acoustics to private companies and official colleges.
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