New study of noise and vibrations transmission paths for CAF with ATPA method

Ingeniería para el Control del Ruido S.L. (ICR), has carried out a new analysis of noise and vibration path in the differents panels from a coach of the new CAF AVE prototype.

The present study, which is included in a set of test for characterize the vibro-acoustic behaviour of the train through both air path and structural path, has been carried out with ATPA (Advanced Transfer Path Anlysis Method). 

ATPA allows  identify the elements that contribute the most on the total noise and, therefore, should be modified  in order to reduce the level of noise to the desired level. Moreover, ATPA is the only product in the market capable of providing information on the source contributions both regarding coherent and noncoherent addition, thus resulting in an analysis that may be carried out from very low frequencies up to very high frequencies.

ICR is an Acoustic Engineering resolving problems of noise and vibrations. ICR works for the railway, car, industry, construction and environmental sectors. The company researches (R+D) new methods to solve vibroacous-tic problems. ICR also designs software for quality control and transmis-sion loss and teaches acoustics to private companies and official colleges.
Ingenieria para el Control del Ruido – Barcelona.