ICR performs an acoustic audit to LOOP Business Innovation on the design of a new audio equipment

LOOP Business Innovation, a company specialized in defining new business models based on the conceptualisation and development of new products, has required ICR services for acoustic audit project for the design of new security control audiovisual centres. ICR has played its part by conducting an acoustic control to define a sound emitter system that guarantees optimal listening conditions that do not bother people in the surrounding area.

ICR study was to analyse the current system by characterising the system’s emission features in terms of directivity: frequency response. That way, it was possible to define and evaluate intelligibility indicators adapted to the application (voice transmission, environmental acoustics, etc.). Finally, ICR defined a new optimal sound emission system. Based on the market of available technologies, the most suitable one was identified and a prototype was dimensioned, carried out and measured, until a solution was found that met the needs that were established initially.

As a specialised acoustic engineering company, ICR has always claimed that predictive acoustic studies like this one are essential because the result is a complete success for the manufacturer. Predicting noise and vibrations at the initial stage of the project reduces time and costs, and guarantees higher quality for the future. 

ICR is an Acoustic Engineering resolving problems of noise and vibrations. ICR works for the railway, car, industry, construction and environmental sectors. The company researches (R+D) new methods to solve vibroacous-tic problems. ICR also designs software for quality control and transmis-sion loss and teaches acoustics to private companies and official colleges.
Ingenieria para el Control del Ruido – Barcelona.

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