Course on soundproofing

The course proposes a program based on soundproofing basic concepts and includes several practical cases by a isolation calculation software developed by ICR (dBKAilsa).

Course on Aeroacoustics

Participants will need prior knowledge of acoustics for this course.

Course on Vibrations

The ICR vibration course is geared to engineers and professionals from the sector who wish to acquire a basic knowledge of vibration.

Environmental Noise Impact course in wind farms

The agenda of ths course, geared to companies from the wind energy sector.

Course on Advanced Acoustics

This course in Advanced Acoustics given by ICR provides a deeper and more theorical approach to the most used methods in the fields of Acoustics and Vibrations.

Vibration control for activities, neihbourhoods and infrastructures course

For the purpose of accrediting environmental technicians as professionals and experts in vibration control for different areas

Course on Basic Acoustics

ICR's course on basic acoustics is intended for non-professional acousticians that wish to acquire a basic knowledge on the subject.

ICR is an Acoustic Engineering resolving problems of noise and vibrations. ICR works for the railway, car, industry, construction and environmental sectors. The company researches (R+D) new methods to solve vibroacous-tic problems. ICR also designs software for quality control and transmis-sion loss and teaches acoustics to private companies and official colleges.
Ingenieria para el Control del Ruido – Barcelona.